14th of MARCH 2017 - FRANKFURT


    the symbiosis of healthcare and technology.

    which impact will it have? will we live forever?


    for technology creators, clinicians, go-to-market

    experts and other digital health enthusiasts.


    leveraging the expertise of our guests,

    raising public awareness on the necessity of

    innovation in healthcare, respecting ethical

    questions & raising awareness of implications.


    shaping frankfurt as hub for the future

    of health with roots in fintech.


    philipp rösler // keynote & jury


    head of the centre for regional strategies, member of the managing board,

    world economic forum



    phd, hannover medical school; trained as a medical specialist and as a medical officer, bundeswehr. several years as parliamentary group chairman and minister of economics, labour and transport of the state of lower saxony. until may 2011, minister of health of the federal republic of germany. former vice-chancellor of the federal republic of germany, federal minister of economics and technology, and federal chairman of the free democratic party. currently, managing director and member of the managing board, world economic forum


    kalle palling // keynote



    estonian parliament,

    tallinn / estonia



    kalle palling was born in 1985 in käru, central estonia. he earned a degree in environmental management from the university of tartu in 2009. in 2005 he joined the liberal estonian reform party, where he served as the secretary general of reform youth from 2006-2007. he has also been a member of several municipality councils. in 2007, he was elected to the estonian parliament. kalle palling is currently serving his 3rd term as member of parliament. since 2014 he is the chairman of the european union affairs committee of the estonian parliament. he also belongs to the economic affairs committee of the estonian parliament and acts as the chairman of the estonia-germany, estonia-finland and estonia-slovakia parliamentary group. additionally, kalle palling currently serves as a member of the supervisory board of the tallinn airport and estonian environmental research centre. In his work, he puts special focus besides eu issues also on topics relating to the sharing economy, energy and connectivity. furthermore, he is also following closely developments relating to the countries of the eastern partnership. In his free time, kalle palling enjoys sports & is especially keen on running.


    ralf bohlmann // keynote


    health coach & creator of one of germany's most popular healthcare podcasts




    ralf bohlman is a successful health coach, mentor, blogger and one of germany’s most popular podcasters in the fields of health, fitness and nutrition. his podcast receives more than 100.000 downloads per month, helping to bring out the best version of you. background: engineer with more than 20 years of experience as IT-entrepreneur, 20 years in competitive sports - marathon personal best 2:51 with 50 – He is now 52 years old, married and has 3 daughters in the age between 5 and 19.





    min-sung sean kim //



    global digital health investments

    allianz ventures​



    min-sung conducts global digital health investments for allianz ventures, the venture capital unit of allianz group, that reaches 75m customers in 80 countries worldwide. Prior to allianz ventures he was partner of a berlin-based venture capital fund that specialized in digital health series a investments. having been an entrepreneur before, he understands the challenges and difficulties of building up a company and hopes that this blog digitalhealthvc.com will serve as a helpful resource for digital health tech startups in the region. he invested in startups including mysugr, neuronation and mimi and is a contributing writer for mediums including techcrunch and tech.eu. min-sung studied business economics at witten/herdecke, harvard, st.gallen and in seoul.


    anke hecht //



    vp finance of

    target global



    anke is vp finance of target global, an international venture capital firm with over us$400m in assets under management and offices in berlin, san francisco, tel-Aviv and moscow. target global focuses primarily on fast-growing digital-enabled b2c and b2b companies in commerce, fintech, travel, software and mobile. the company manages a growth fund that invests in series b and later stage opportunities us$5m-30m per deal and a seed stage fund that invests between us$200k-500k per deal. Anke is a trained venture capitalist by year starting her career in vc at the age of 25, becoming cfo at creathor venture at the age of 31 and now recently moved to berlin, the heart of european's startup ecosystem. In her free time, she enjoys running marathons, street art and exploring restaurants.


    thimo v. schmitt-lord //



    executive director and head of the

    bayer foundations



    thimo v. schmitt-lord mbe is executive director and head of the bayer foundations – a non-profit impact investor and partner of pioneers in science and society since 1897. the bayer foundations promote science excellence and gap-closing social innovation all around the world. thimo is from background a genetic engineer and holds master degrees in business and engineering from university of greenwich in london, bloomington university in the us and kitakyushu university in japan.



    marcus schult //



    communication strategies




    marcus schult is a seasoned consultant and communication expert. the 48-old has worked as a business and financial journalist with several tv and radio stations throughout europe for more than 3 decades. and still, he is keen to tell compelling stories of challenge, change and success.that even more since he personally moved on and created his own business. as ceo and performance coach he is helping his clients to discover their specific change potential as well as to implement individual growth solutions.




    >> date & location <<

    14th of march 2017 - code frankfurt, goethepl. 9-11, 60313 frankfurt am main


    18:30 registration


    19.00 welcome note

    global shapers frankfurt


    19.10 keynote

    healthcare system 2.0 by philipp rösler

    managing director and member of the managing board, world economic forum


    19.30 keynote

    the future of healthcare - lesson learned by a progressive country by kalle palling

    chair of eu affairs committee at the parliament of estonia


    19.50 startup pitches - how will you change the future of healthcare?

    1. mimi – berlin

    2. criam – braga

    3. pantavision – berlin

    4. nelumbox – darmstadt

    5. mejo – frankfurt

    6. antelope suit – frankfurt

    7. cardiosecur – frankfurt

    8. paralign – san francisco & berlin

    9 . nano group – warsaw

    10. africa-founders – lagos


    20.30 panel discussion

    how will startups improve our health care system?

    philipp rösler & startups


    21.10 final keynote 

    supercharge your health by balancing body, mind and technology by ralf bohlmann

    health coach and keynote speaker


    21.30 closing remarks 

    global shapers frankfurt


    21.35 bytes & genes 

    refreshments, get-together & meet the Future: try and touch innovative solutions















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    1. healthcare of the future? systems & technical abilities


    changing concepts or turning the whole system upside down? improving access

    to healthcare? how can we all benefit from a (technological) healthcare revolution?


    2. corporates, governments and startups? cooperation vs competition


    can corporations be the driving force behind innovations? corporates vs. startups or corporates

    with startups? how can startups improve business models of corporates and healthcare systems?


    3. frankfurt and rhine-main as a healthcare centre? quo vadis


    frankfurt is putting considerable efforts into developing a fintechhub can this shape

    other sectors like healthcare? should the (local) government be a driver behind innovations?










    The next b2b forum is organized by the global shapers hub frankfurt, an initiatve of the the world economic forum. // The Global Shapers community is a network of hubs developed and led by young people who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their communities. the community comprises over 6,000 young people based in more than 450 cities in 170 countries and territories. together, we form a powerful source of grass-roots knowledge and global youth perspectives.